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Is an unknown pest too close for comfort in your home or business? Our pest library at Franklin Pest Solutions spans a comprehensive list of the most common household pests found in the Midwest. Each pest listed provides a dedicated page packed with insights, prevention tactics, and invaluable tips to maintain a pest-free environment in your home or business.

Use our pest library as a tool to identify the invader, or take a clear, well-lit picture of the pest and send it to our experts for help with identification. With locations in Hammond, Michigan City, Lafayette, New Albany, Indianapolis, and South Bend, IN, Franklin Pest Solutions continues to be a trusted name in professional pest management services in Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and the Kentuckiana region.

Identify Your Pest Intruder

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to pests. Equip yourself with the wisdom to spot, identify, and prevent the most notorious intruders. Our pest library offers a deep dive into the characteristics, habits, and preventative measures for a wide array of unwelcome critters. This comprehensive guide is your one-stop resource for becoming a well-informed guardian of your Midwestern home or business.

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It’s not just about killing uninvited pests – it’s about understanding them. The more you know about their life cycles, feeding habits, and nesting tendencies, the better you can predict their moves. We offer actionable advice on preventative measures tailored to each specific pest so you can take all the proactive steps needed to keep them out for good. If you can’t identify an unknown pest, no problem. Contact us and we’ll respond the same day for urgent matters and within one business day for everything else.

Your All-In-One Source for Living a Pest-Free Life

Whether you’re safeguarding your home or business, Franklin Pest Solutions is here to provide expert guidance and support. We proudly offer world-class pest prevention services that promote cleaner, healthier homes and workplaces all throughout the Midwest. Contact us to receive a free quote or schedule pest control service today.

Let Our Customer Care Center Diagnose Your Pest Problem

Our dedicated call center can assess your pest situation over the phone. Oftentimes, we can even schedule a service professional to remedy the problem without an inspection. So, worry no more, tell us your problem so we can assess it.

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We’re licensed, trained, and certified by the Departments of Public Health and Agriculture, using safe, EPA-regulated materials, always.

Attacking Infestations at the Root

We don’t come in spraying. We evaluate the root of your problem, and recommend and enact pre-emptive measures before any chemicals are used. 

Assessments Before Any Contracts

 Our Customer Care Center walks you through every service, every charge, and every solution before you agree to anything. Our commitment is to you.