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First, contact us. Crickets are occasional invaders that are drawn to damp, dark places like your basement. Reducing moisture will help make your living space less appealing to crickets. If the area cannot be dried out properly, a professional may be called upon to apply a residual product in active areas throughout the interior and exterior of the structure of the home. Regular maintenance may be the best solution if your home has a history with these insects.

Measures to reduce the moisture content of the areas should be taken, such as through the use of dehumidifiers and fixing any leaks. Changing your lights outside to yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps may also help reduce the attraction of your home to crickets.

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How to Identify a Cricket


Yellowish brown in color with dark bands on the head; 3/4″ to 7/8″ in length, winged with long legs and antennae.


House crickets typically live outdoors during warmer months, but head indoors out of the elements as temperatures drop. They prefer warm, dark areas, which is why basements are most likely where you’ll find them. They’re fond of blue-tinted electric lights, garbage, dirty laundry, and soiled fabric. Crickets can damage clothing, carpets and fabric by grazing on them or chewing large holes in them.

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