Rice Weevil

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First, contact us. The rice weevil attacks stored products, like grains, seeds, and nuts. So, all products containing whole grains need to be inspected, along with decorative items such as Indian corn and boxes containing seeds. Finding the source is the first step to controlling a rice weevil presence. 

Discard all infested packages and products. Clean spilled grain and infested cabinet areas using a vacuum followed by soapy hot water. Clean all sides of all shelves and walls. Pull out appliances to access and clean any fallen debris underneath. Store all dried food goods in zippered plastic bags, glass or plastic containers with tight lids to limit spreading if one food becomes infested. Consider storing cereals and similar foods in the refrigerator to limit stored pantry pest problems.

The rice weevil, along with other common household pantry pests, rodents, and stinging insects are all covered by our most popular pest control service, the Healthy Home Maintenance Program.

How to Identify a Rice Weevil


Dark brown with four light-colored patches on its wings; the head extends into a long thin “beak”. 1/8″ in length.


Rice weevils attack whole grains such as wheat, corn, barley and rice. In homes, infestations are generally found in bird seed, nuts, decorative Indian corn and, in rare instances, in old pasta stored in cupboards or pantries. The rice weevil and its close relative, the granary weevil do more damage to stored whole grains worldwide than any other pest.


Primarily whole grains, but also beans, nuts, cereals, pasta and fruit.

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