Pest Control Services for Landlords and Property Managers

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Eliminate Pests on Your Properties

We are here to help you protect your residents, your property, and your reputation. Since 1929, our family-owned company has eliminated pests throughout Indiana. Use us as a trusted local resource.

Pest control and prevention is essential for the health of any environment. Franklin Pest Solutions offers high-quality pest services for property managers in Indiana and Kentucky. We understand it is an essential aspect of your legal duties as a property manager to maintain your property’s sanitation, safety, and overall health for your tenants. We’re here to take that concern off your plate.

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Pest Control for Residential Buildings

While managing properties, you are bound by strict building codes and regulations to keep your residents safe. Our comprehensive pest control services help you:

  • Keep clean, safe buildings
  • Reduce vacancy
  • Maintain positive online reviews
  • Attract new residents

Find Your Pest

Here are some pests commonly found in the Midwest.

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Pest Control for Commercial Buildings

Business tenants have contracts demanding a safe and healthy environment for their employees, customers, and clients. We help make sure you exceed all your obligations, helping you:

  • Reduce vacancies
  • Avoid contractual and legal battles
  • Increase rents
  • Maintain excellent relationships with your residents

Use us as a local resource.

Public Health education is the foundation for all successful pest elimination and prevention. Whether it’s in person or virtual, our experts are happy to provide complimentary seminars to your staff or group to ensure proper best practices.

To schedule an educational training or seminar with one of our experts, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Beyond Commercial Integrated Pest Management


Integrated Pest Management Plus

IPM is a common-sense way for businesses to address pest and rodent problems. This method of pest control offers sound solutions, which focus on three key techniques: 1) inspection, 2) identification and 3) treatment by pest professionals.


We'll train your staff!

With an IPM partnership, we’ll not only work with you to solve any current issues and prevent future pest problems, but we will also educate you and your staff as we identify conducive conditions. Working together will create a more permanent solution and a healthier environment for your employees and patrons.

“They ensured that my tenants and I don’t have to worry about pests at all.”

“Service is great. Technician that comes monthly is knowledgeable. Addresses different issues and has on a few occasions pointed out weaknesses in my buildings perimeter that may have lead to rodents finding a way in. They ensured that my tenants and I don’t have to worry about pests at all.”

Solomon A. | Property Owner
Indianapolis, IN

Health-Conscious Pest Control For Landlords

As a landlord or property manager, you have to find solutions that are right for your tenants and your property. We go the extra mile to bring you clean, eco-friendly pest control.


Green and Clean

All of our pest control products are heavily regulated by the EPA. They’re manufactured to be used in sensitive environments such as areas where pets or children play. That’s peace of mind your tenants need. 

Whomever you decide to work with, inquire about the products being used to eliminate your pests and ensure they are safe for the people in your property. We do what it takes to protect what matters to you. 


Health and Safety Professionals

Your residents don’t want exterminators. We’re pest management professionals, licensed by the Department of Public Health and the Department of Agriculture, with countless hours of training and a whole lot of certifications. That’s peace of mind for anyone in your buildings. 

Our job is to protect against health risks and keep you in regulatory compliance.


We Solve the Root, Not Spray the Symptom

No building wants a sign reading “Spraying Next Week”. That’s why we use an integrated pest management methodology. This means we attempt to solve problems at the root, by using means other than a spray solution, even though our solutions are EPA approved.

 We’ll work with your crews to create a healthier, sustainable environment. Whatever your issue, we’ll find the best means to safely eliminate it.


Why Pest Control Is Important for Property Managers

Pesky pests make life unbearable for most tenants. Pests of all kinds lower the property value and damage the structures. The most significant reasons pest control is essential for property owners include the following: 

  • Pests often damage wood structures, clothing, books, and wiring, searching for nesting material.
  • Bugs and rodents contaminate food with urine, feces, saliva, and pathogens.
  • Critters consume more than their weight in food, including food in a tenant’s pantry.
  • Bed bugs live on human blood and are extremely difficult to eliminate without spreading to other areas.
apartment building

Why Choose Franklin Pest Solutions?

Since 1929, we’ve treated our customers as family by offering excellence in pest control solutions. Franklin Pest Solutions follows Integrated Pest Management methodology with your health being our number one priority. We focus on solving problems at the root to prevent future pest problems. If you have a pest emergency, contact us immediately for fast and effective pest control services. We are here for you!

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Safe For Your Family and Business

We’re licensed, trained, and certified by the Departments of Public Health and Agriculture, using safe, EPA-regulated materials, always.

Attacking Infestations at the Root

We don’t come in spraying. We evaluate the root of your problem, and recommend and enact pre-emptive measures before any chemicals are used. 

Assessments Before Any Contracts

 Our Customer Care Center walks you through every service, every charge, and every solution before you agree to anything. Our commitment is to you.