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Bed bugs. Even the mere mention can send shivers down your spine. No worries – you’re in the right place. Keeping bed bugs far away from your home starts with education and knowledgeable expertise. Since 1929, Franklin Pest Solutions has set the gold standard for pest prevention in the Midwest. With several locations throughout the region, including Hammond, Michigan City, Lafayette, New Albany, Indianapolis, and South Bend, IN, our bed bug solutions will provide the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Our innovative, eco-friendly bed bug prevention and elimination strategies serve as long-term solutions for maintaining a bed bug-free sanctuary for you and your loved ones. Bed bugs can happen to anyone. You’re not alone in this. From inspection to proactive preventative care, we deliver everything you need to sleep soundly, minus the pests.

What to Do When You Think You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can survive for months without feeding and brave a vast range of temperatures, from near-freezing to almost 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If you suspect a beg bug presence, get in touch with Franklin Pest Solutions right away. If you suspect bed bugs, it’s crucial to consider these key points:

  • Don’t assume any bug bite is caused by bed bugs.
  • Reactions from bites may not develop for several days after being bitten.
  • Physicians aren’t able to provide a reliable, accurate diagnosis by examining bite marks. The actual presence of bed bugs must be identified to confirm a suspected infestation.
  • Bed bugs are visible with the naked eye, but these creatures are cryptic survivors that can hide when they’re not feeding. They resemble an apple seed in their adult stage after a feeding.

View our bed bug service preparation sheet and bundle Bed Bug Prevention with your Healthy Home Maintenance Program for an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

Franklin’s Eco-Conscious Bed Bug Solutions

Franklin Pest Solutions offers eco-conscious solutions using Integrated Pest Management best practices that put your health first. Partnering with our pest management professionals will help you successfully gain control of any type of bed bug situation, regardless of scope or complexity. Here’s what you can expect when you work with our team:

  • Inspection & Survey – One of our experts will perform a thorough inspection to evaluate the severity of the issue and provide a service estimate. Visual inspections, monitors, protective bed coverings, and pitfall traps are often used to determine the best treatment method for your particular circumstance. The technician will provide instructions to ensure you’re adequately prepared for treatment.
  • Treatment – Factors such as the number of affected rooms, the amount of clutter and harborage opportunities, and the population depth of live insects present within your home help determine the most effective strategies for regaining control of the situation. Where prevention tips and proper educational materials will help you avoid future problems, our service technicians also use proven techniques to properly treat and eliminate bed bugs.
  • Monitoring & Reporting – We’ll conduct follow-up inspections to evaluate our strategy’s effectiveness and performance. Our experts reapply the monitoring methods used in the initial inspection to reassess the situation and determine if additional treatment will be necessary. We’ll give you a detailed report, explain our findings, and provide recommendations on any next steps.

Proactive Measures – Make Prevention Essential

Prevention trumps reaction every time. We believe in being proactive and sharing our knowledge to prevent problems before they occur. Unlike common household pests, bed bugs don’t discriminate between clean and dirty environments. They are opportunistic hitchhikers willing to cling to luggage, clothing, and furniture. So, prevention isn’t just a buzzword for us – it’s a lifestyle commitment we bring to your doorstep. Our prevention programs leverage cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly practices that prioritize your family’s health and create a pest-free perimeter around your living space. By taking proactive measures, you spare yourself from the hassles and emotional toll of a pest problem.

Our Team at Franklin Has Your Bed Bug Solution

For all the facts and FAQs on bed bugs, read more in our bed bug blog post to learn more. You can also view more images and biological information on our bed bug pest library page.

No two bed bug situations are the same. Our pest prevention experts will recommend the best bed bug solutions for your unique circumstance. Contact your local Franklin Pest Solutions team today and give your home the best defense against pests.

Franklin Pest Solutions Prevents Against Common Pests, Too

Gain year-round protection from many common household intruders like spiders, ants, mice, centipedes, and earwigs before they have time to settle in. To keep these pests out all year long as the seasons change, ask us for a free quote for our Healthy Home Maintenance Program, an ongoing pest prevention program tailored to your home or business’s unique needs. For extra peace of mind, our beg bug prevention strategies can be bundled into your individualized home maintenance plan. As a member, you’ll receive:

  • Four Scheduled Visits from the Same Licensed Professional
  • Complimentary Visits for Emergencies
  • Thorough Assessments
  • Detailed Inspection Reports
  • Industry-Leading Preventative Care
  • 365-Day Pest Protection

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Franklin’s Bed Bug Solutions

Franklin Pest Solutions has environmentally-conscious solutions using Integrated Pest Management best practices. Your health is our priority.

Success in getting control of a bed bug situation requires a partnership between you and your pest management professional. Here’s what to expect when you work with us:


Inspection & Survey

In order to provide a quote for a bed bug solution, our expert first conducts an inspection to evaluate the severity of a bed bug infestation. A visual inspection, monitors, pitfall traps, and protective bed coverings are often suggested to determine exactly how to go about treating for that particular situation. Your technician will provide you with an instructional sheet at this time to make sure you’re properly prepared for treatment.



The number of rooms are affected, how much clutter could be providing harborage opportunities and how much of a population of live insects are present will help  determine the most effective solution to gain control of the situation. Franklin’s experts use conventional methods and proactive techniques for the proper control of bed bugs. Prevention tips and proper education will help avoid future infestations.


Monitoring & Reporting

Follow up inspections are necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the bed bug solution performed. At this time, using our monitoring methods in step 1, we reassess the situation, determining if additional treatments will be necessary. A detailed report is provided, explaining our findings, recommendations, and next steps.

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

What to look for:

  • Dark flecks or spots on your mattress or box spring
  • Insects in the seams of your bedding or mattress
  • Linear patterned bites on your body
  • Translucent insect shells (shed skins) on or around your bed

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Tips

It’s important to remember these key points:

  • Don’t assume any bug bite is from bed bugs.
  • Bite reactions may not show up for several days after being bitten.
  • Physicians cannot give a positive diagnosis of bite marks by examining them, so do not rely on this to conclude whether or not you may have bed bugs.
  • If you’ve looked for bed bugs and have found no evidence, these creatures could still be there. They are cryptic, survivors, and can easily go undetected.

Franklin Bed Bug Service Prep Sheet

Bed Bug Prevention

Not only can bed bugs survive up to 7 months without feeding, but they can also brave temperatures from near freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have bed bugs, get in touch with us. We’re here for you. And we’re better than hoping a can of random spray from the hardware store will do the trick.

Bundle Bed Bug Prevention with your Healthy Home Maintenance Program. It’s like an extra layer of protection and priceless peace of mind.

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