also known as the roly-poly bug, woodlouse or sowbug

If you notice a huge amount of pillbugs, also known as roly poly bugs, contact us. A large pillbug population could indicate that there is a moisture issue somewhere.

Pillbugs are nocturnal isopods. Think of them like terrestrial crustaceans (like a tiny lobster that lives in soil). They’re great for gardens and do an awesome job of eating decaying plant matter. But if you have them indoors, something might be wrong.

roly poly pillbug control

How to Identify a pillbug


Dark brownish-gray in color, the pillbug has a dozen or so segments that allow them to curl up into a ball as a defense mechanism. They’re about 1/4-1/2″ in length.


Roly poly bugs, or pillbugs, prefer humid, damp, undisturbed areas in soil. They’ll hang out in areas that have rotting wood, fallen leaves, rocks, logs, etc.


Decaying plants and decomposing organic matter are what the pillbug’s diet consists of. So they’re totally beneficial to have in your garden. If they’re in your house though, they could be feeding on rotting wood caused by water damage.

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