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Protect your most important investment with Franklin’s termite solutions!

Franklin Pest Solutions has been trusted by homeowners and business owners since 1929 for our expertise in termite solutions. Termites are hands-down, the most destructive pests we see on a regular basis throughout our area. In other words, termites are NOT a DIY pest.

Head’s Up Homeowners: Termite damage is NOT covered by Homeowner’s Insurance.

The species of termite we encounter most frequently in our area is the subterranean termite. They live underground. So, most of the time, you can’t see their colonies or damage until it’s too late. As a result, they’re known to be “Silent Destroyers”.

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Pictures of termites and termite damage

What Causes Termites?

Termites need three things to survive. Food, Shelter, and Moisture. Rotten wood, densely humid mulch right up on the house and dead trees in the yard are the most common attractants. However, items like newspapers, cardboard boxes, and old books are also a termite’s ideal meal. All of these things have something in common. They all contain cellulose. And guess what these pests exclusively eat: CELLULOSE.

Water leaks or floods are huge attractants, too. For example, a clogged gutter could cause backflow issues and leak back into window frames. It’s a matter of time before this kind of water issue rots out a wooden frame. And rotten wood is a gnarly buffet for termites. Above all, in order to practice good termite prevention, eliminate water leakage issues. And if it has been longer than two years since you’ve had a termite inspection, then schedule service with us.

Termite Solutions

  • Termite inspections for home sale transactions, mortgage refinances, VA loans, and most importantly, for your peace of mind!
  • Commercial Development Termite Pretreatments
  • Termite Colony Elimination with Sentricon
    (Contact us to bundle Sentricon termite prevention with your Healthy Home Maintenance Program!)
  • Liquid termite treatments

*All necessary documentation is included.

Customer Perks

In addition to being protected from dozens of common household pests with Franklin’s Healthy Home Maintenance Program, there’s a perk you’ll find helpful. Our ongoing customers automatically receive a complimentary Termite Risk Assessment to ensure protection against the most damaging pests in America.

If you’re on our program and you haven’t had an assessment yet this year, contact us so we can add it to your next visit!

Sentricon Elimination & Prevention System

Sentricon is our most popular termite solution for homes and businesses. It’s a completely chemical-free way to rid your property of termites if you already have them.

This green baiting system also does a stellar job at preventing termite infestations with the same genius bait formula. It protects your property as long as it’s in the ground. It’s discreet, environmentally responsible and guaranteed.

Check out this video to see how it all works. Sentricon is available to you by our Franklin expert Authorized Operators. And it’s included in our Healthy Home Maintenance Program Plus Sentricon (HHMP+).

Beyond Integrated Pest Management


Integrated Pest Management Plus

IPM is a common-sense way to address pest and rodent problems. This method of pest control offers sound solutions, which focus on three key techniques: 1) inspection, 2) identification and 3) treatment by pest professionals.

Termidor Liquid Treatments

America’s #1 choice for conventional liquid termite treatments.

Franklin Pest Solutions’ termite experts are licensed and trained to use this product to eliminate termite colonies. We’ve used it for years around exterior perimeters where Sentricon wasn’t an ideal option.

Termidor clings to the soil. And termites don’t know it’s there. The colony is eliminated because of the natural way termites feed one another within their colonies. The product passes throughout the colony underground.

Learn more about Termidor

Download America’s #1 conventional termite defense informational brochure and compare termite solutions for yourself.

  • Formulated with your family and the environment in mind
  • Applied by knowledgeable, specially trained experts
  • Product is backed by its manufacturer

Health-Conscious Pest Control

As a homeowner, landlord or property manager, you have to find solutions that are right for you, your family or tenants, and your property. We go the extra mile to bring you clean, eco-friendly pest control.


Green and Clean

All of our pest control products are heavily regulated by the EPA. They’re manufactured to be used in sensitive environments such as areas where pets or children play. That’s peace of mind your tenants need. 

Whomever you decide to work with, inquire about the products being used to eliminate your pests and ensure they are safe for the people in your property. We do what it takes to protect what matters to you. 


Health and Safety Professionals

Your residents don’t want exterminators. We’re pest management professionals, licensed by the Department of Public Health and the Department of Agriculture, with countless hours of training and a whole lot of certifications. That’s peace of mind for anyone in your buildings. 

Our job is to protect against health risks and keep you in regulatory compliance.


We Solve the Root, Not Spray the Symptoms

No building wants a sign reading “Spraying Next Week”. That’s why we use an integrated pest management methodology. This means we attempt to solve problems at the root, by using means other than a spray solution, even though our solutions are EPA approved.

We’ll work with your crews to create a healthier, sustainable environment. Whatever your issue, we’ll find the best means to safely eliminate it.

You’ve got a pest problem. We’ve got your pest solution.

Whether you’ve got wasps, rodents, spiders (or you name it), we can assist with your pest problem. We can even provide same-day service. Drop us a line to schedule your pest control services today!

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Safe For Your Family and Business

We’re licensed, trained, and certified by the Departments of Public Health and Agriculture, using safe, EPA-regulated materials, always.

Attacking Infestations at the Root

We don’t come in spraying. We evaluate the root of your problem, and recommend and enact pre-emptive measures before any chemicals are used. 

Assessments Before Any Contracts

 Our Customer Care Center walks you through every service, every charge, and every solution before you agree to anything. Our commitment is to you.