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First, contact us. Thief ant control can be difficult. They are often mistaken for the slightly larger pharaoh ants, which are just as difficult to control. And unfortunately, the bait used for pharaoh ant control may not be effective for thief ants.

The first step is to locate their nests, by following the trail of foraging workers back from their food source. An experienced ant control professional can tell you which different baits are likely to achieve best results. He or she will properly identify the species and prescribe from there.

This species of ant, along with every other common household ant species and dozens of other pests are all covered under our Healthy Home Maintenance Program.

How to Identify a Thief Ant


Golden-yellow; one of the smallest ants, 1/16- to 1/8-inch long.


Thief ants derive their name from their habit of establishing colonies close to other ants to steal their food, and even capture and eat other ants’ eggs and larvae. They nest outdoors in soil, trash and rotten wood and tree cavities, and indoors in small crevices, woodwork and masonry. Finding the nests is extremely difficult, so thief ant control is best handled by professionals. Thief ants commonly enter structures during hot, dry weather.


Thief ants prefer high-protein foods, but will feed on sweets. They eat almost any organic matter, including insects, honeydew, seeds, meats, fruit, bread crumbs, oils, nuts, pet foods and dairy products.

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Not only am I impressed with the service, professionalism and knowledge of Franklin associates but there are NO MORE ANTS on my patio table!!!

“We moved into our house 7 months ago and have been fighting an ant issue ever since. My husband and I have worked hard to clean out debris and yard waste so the ants wouldn’t have a place to nest but they always come back. We have had another pest control company come out and spray 4 times and the ants keep coming back. It’s been such a problem we have not been able to enjoy our patio dining table this summer.

Through networking I met Ben Lilly a sales associate with Franklin and told him my problem. That week he came to our house, inspected the problem and educated my husband and I about the type of ants that were colonizing our house and the proper treatment needed to get rid of them. The very next business day, Todd came out and laid a sugar bait for the ants to take back to their colony as well as sprayed around the perimeter of our house and garage. Todd was very professional and knowledgeable about the type of ant (which I know now are odorous house ants) and explained the process in detail. He mentioned that this was a problem that we happened to move into and with a few visits we would be free of ants. Not only am I impressed with the service, professionalism and knowledge of Franklin associates but there are NO MORE ANTS on my patio table!!! Thank you Ben and Todd!!!”

Gina N. | Homeowner, Louisville, KY

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