Cricket Hunter Wasp

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First, contact us. The Cricket Hunter is Steel blue cricket hunters are large wasps that build their nests in the soil. They get their name from their ability to hunt and capture large crickets that they feed to their young. Despite their image, Cricket Hunters are beneficial pollinators that protect plants from harmful cutworms. If you have recurring issues with these wasps year after year, something on your property is attracting them. Your technician can investigate what exactly is causing them to return and recommend alternatives for your landscaping, or even a preventative treatment prior to the population arriving during that time of year.

These and many other species of stinging insects are covered under our Healthy Home Maintenance Program.

How to Identify a Cricket Hunter Wasp


A medium sized wasp, about an inch long (25 mm). This metallic blue-colored wasp is sleek and shiny with a skinny waist. The wings are dark with iridescence similar to an oil slick.


Nests are often built off of the burrows of another hunting wasp, the Cicada Killer, in regions where they both reside. These two wasps do not compete with each other thanks to different insect prey. Each cell in the underground nest contains a fertilized egg and potentially up to nine or ten nymphs or adult crickets. Grasshoppers may also be used.


Cricket hunter wasps eat crickets that are brought into their burrows by the females.

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