why are mosquitos attracted to me

It’s mosquito season, people! There is NOTHING more annoying than trying to enjoy some outdoor time on a warm sunny summer day and there’s a ‘bzzz’ ‘bzzz’ ‘bzzz’ by your ear. You start swatting… and then BAM you feel a little tickle on your arm and sure enough you got a nice little juicy mosquito bite. How rude! And not to mention DANGEROUS! If you’re prone to bites, you’ve definitely asked yourself at one point “why are mosquitos attracted to me?!”. We’re going to break that answer down in this blog post.

Did you know mosquitos are the deadliest animal on the planet?

Although only the female mosquitos do the biting, it doesn’t take long at all before they start accumulating. Every time you get bitten by a mosquito, that female is about to lay a clutch (that’s what the eggs are called) of about 100-200 more mosquitos. They need to take a blood meal in order to lay their eggs. So, a couple of mosquitos can quickly turn into an overwhelming population. Why are mosquitos attracted to me?

calvin and hobbes comic strip about mosquitos

Mosquitos are attracted to some people more than others because of several factors. Each person (or animal!) has a chemical signature that could be made of pheromones, hormones, soap, shampoo, perfume, lotion smells, diet, CO2 emissions, etc. Let’s go into detail.

Mosquitoes are attracted to a variety of factors, including:

  1. Carbon Dioxide: We breathe this out when we exhale. Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide emitted from animals, including humans, from a decent distance. They use this as a primary cue to locate potential hosts.
  2. Body Heat: Mosquitoes are attracted to the heat generated by warm-blooded animals. They can sense the temperature difference between the human body and the surrounding environment. (Anyone else thinking about the movie Predator right now??)
  3. Body Odor: Mosquitoes are drawn to certain chemicals and compounds present in human sweat, such as lactic acid, ammonia, and uric acid. These odors can vary from person to person, which is why some individuals may be more attractive to mosquitoes than others.
  4. Skin Moisture and Perspiration: Mosquitoes are attracted to moisture and humidity. When we sweat, we’re more appealing to mosquitoes.
  5. Fragrances: Certain scents from perfumes, lotions, and soaps can attract mosquitoes. Floral and fruity fragrances tend to be particularly attractive to them.
  6. Dark Clothing: Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, as they provide a higher contrast against the background, making it easier for mosquitoes to spot potential hosts.
  7. Movement: Mosquitoes are drawn to movement, especially in low-light conditions. Quick and erratic movements can make a person more noticeable to mosquitoes.

Different species of mosquitoes may have varying preferences and attractants. Additionally, environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and time of day, can also influence mosquito activity. Most of the mosquitos in our area are dawn and dusk biters, although there is a species becoming more vast in backyards that is a daytime biter.

What can I do in my yard to reduce mosquito populations?

Follow best practices to prevent mosquitos from biting you, your family and pets. Always protect your body. Look into getting our seasonal mosquito service monthly now through September to keep those annoying itchy blood-suckers at bay. Check out this infographic below that illustrates some key areas to pay extra attention to in your yard.
mosquito breeding infographicmosquito breeding infographic backyard

Mosquitos only need the amount of water that fits inside of a small bottlecap to breed. So if you remember any of these prevention tips, remember that one. Eliminate standing water on your property. Gutters, grill covers, kids’ toys, trash cans, birdbaths, flowerpots are all very common items that collect enough water for them to breed.

Reduce your risk

There are several species of mosquitos in our area that are not only nuisances, but they’re also vectors for spreading illness. Every year we hear cases of West Nile Virus, Zika Virus and there are a couple of other less common diseases popping up now too. And in your own yard?! Because of the potential health threats mosquitos cause, there’s no better time than now to look into getting professional mosquito prevention services. Our trained experts will keep your kids, pets and backyard guests protected as you enjoy the warm seasons.

Franklin’s Mosquito Prevention Service Benefits:

  • Free estimates
  • Available for residential and commercial environments
  • Inspections to identify mosquito breeding areas
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Protection you need, peace of mind you deserve

Pair our Mosquito Prevention Services with your routine Healthy Home Maintenance Program for ultimate pest protection!


Always protect yourself!

We can’t always control the environment around us. Always protect your body. Did you know there’s a right and wrong way to use insect repellent? It’s true! Think of it like sunscreen! Apply liberally and frequently over your clothes to make sure you’re safeguarded from the deadliest animal on the planet.

  1. Apply repellent according to the label
    Apply insect repellent according to the instructions. Just like sunscreen when you’re outdoors, you may need to reapply to be sure you’re protected. Make sure you watch this how-to apply insect repellent video and read our previous blog post with all of our best practices and recommendations!
  2. Be diligent about eliminating standing water on your property. Flipping over toys and pools is just not good enough. Container breeder mosquitos only need the amount of water that fits into a bottle cap to breed. A lot of planters with drainage saucers, bird baths, toys in the yard have lips and ridges on them. The small drops of water that could collect in those is enough for a mosquito breeding ground. So be thorough about eliminating any standing water. Especially after it rains!
  3. Get a fan blowing where you’re sitting.
    Most of our backyard breeding mosquitos are not strong fliers. They have to land about every 3 to 4 feet. If you’re sitting outside at a patio table or on the deck and your legs and ankles are getting bitten, bring a small fan out and aim it towards your legs. Mosquitoes won’t be able to fight the strength of the wind.
  4. Consider a mosquito prevention program
    Our mosquito service is tried and true and our customers swear by it. It makes entertaining, cooking out, and relaxing in the yard so much more enjoyable! With at least 85% population reduction guaranteed, it makes a huge difference. We offer a one-time mosquito services for graduations, weddings, outdoor parties, etc. And monthly prevention services through the summer months now through September. The package is so much more affordable that you’d imagine! It’s totally worth your comfort and peace of mind. Ask us for a free quote today!

Three types of EPA-Approved repellent as shown in the video below:

That familiar green can of OFF! isn’t your only option, folks. If spraying chemicals all over your body freaks you out, use the essential oil based insect repellent option. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (Note: this is not lemon essential oil plus eucalyptus essential oil. This is its own species of plant oil Eucalyptus citriodora.) Just make sure you get your oil from a trusted organic source and mix it at a 33% active ingredient ratio otherwise you’ll just smell nice but you’ll still get bitten.

  1. DEET
  2. Picaridin
  3. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (33% mix rate)

We hope we gave you some insight to a mosquito-bite free summer. But, let us know if we can come give you a free quote for your yard! We are here for you!

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