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10 Timely Tips To Mosquito Proof Your Yard

“Bzzzzzzzzzz. SLAP!!!’ Everyone has experienced mosquito bites and some readers may have even been unfortunate enough to contract a mosquito-transmitted disease such as West Nile virus. Mosquito season is upon us once again, so here are some helpful facts about mosquitoes and what you can (and shouldn’t) do about them. Soon, mosquito season will be […]

Does Hot Weather Bother Insects?

What Happens to Insects During Summer? How do insects respond to extreme heat? Does hot weather bother them? If you’ve ever spent any time in the tropics, you know the answer to this question. In the summer, insects flourish. The hotter it gets, the more insects you will notice, and they are likely to be […]

12 Tips for Traveling Abroad

by Stanton E. Cope – Technical Director, Franklin Pest Solutions Some people get so thrilled they can hardly pack their bag fast enough when preparing for a big trip. Others may go through some anxiety or stress. No matter what kind of traveler you are, do some research to make sure you are prepared. Traveling […]

Why are mosquitos attracted to me?

It’s mosquito season, people! There is NOTHING more annoying than trying to enjoy some outdoor time on a warm sunny summer day and there’s a ‘bzzz’ ‘bzzz’ ‘bzzz’ by your ear. You start swatting… and then BAM you feel a little tickle on your arm and sure enough you got a nice little juicy mosquito […]