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If you are like most people, even thinking about bed bugs makes your skin crawl.  Unless you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to overlook bed bugs. Get familiar with the signs of bed bugs so you can prevent an infestation from happening. If you suspect you have bed bugs, get in touch with a pest management professional immediately. There are a lot of gimmicks and false hope remedies on the internet. This is not a DIY pest. Using over the counter products can make the situation much worse. There is no magic product that kills bed bugs instantly. The sooner you can get rid of these uninvited bed mates, the better. Put your faith in experts who have an awesome reputation with eliminating bed bugs. Franklin Pest Solutions has been successful since 1929 when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs.

How Do You Spot Bed Bugs?

Bedbug eggs are the size of a pinhead, milky and translucent in color, and therefore very easy to miss. Adults grow to be about the size of an apple seed, are oval-shaped, and reddish brown in color after a blood meal. They have a musty odor due to digested blood, they don’t fly, and they like to be touching on all sides of their bodies. It’s possible to see these insects in the seams of your mattress or bedding, but you are more likely to notice the bugs’ waste, which looks like small, blurry dots, no larger than a grain of black pepper. These fecal deposit flecks could be black, rust-colored, or red, depending on how old the staining is, and you may see them on your sheets or mattress. In addition to fecal deposit markings, another sign of bed bugs is their shed skins. As bed bugs engorge with blood, they grow and shed their skin. They often look like yellowish shells the size of the bed bug. A third and obvious sign of bed bugs is seeing the actual insects. There are a lot of things in a household that can cause skin irritation or bites. And everyone reacts differently. So just because you were bitten by something doesn’t mean you have bed bugs. Seeing the actual insect is necessary to confirm a presence of bed bugs. Bed bugs don’t just live in beds. These signs of a bedbug infestation can be found in curtain folds, in drawer joints, under wallpaper, and in chair seams. When bed bugs are not using thermal detection and carbon dioxide emissions to find and feed from warm-blooded humans and pets, they are well-hidden in voids where they breed. This is how they get out of control so quickly.

How Do Bed bugs Get Into Your Home?

Bed bugs can get into your home, no matter how clean it is. This parasitic insect doesn’t care about the pizza you left on the stove for two days. They’re after one thing: your blood. They hitchhike in on luggage, clothing, furniture, people, and personal belongings. They can squeeze their flat bodies into secluded spaces, traveling home with us from hotels, an Airbnb, or public transit, attaching themselves to people and animals, or hiding in second-hand furniture. What’s more, bed bugs reproduce quickly, with a female bed bug laying somewhere around 500 eggs during her lifetime.

The Best Bed Bug Solutions

Countless myths are online about what kills bed bugs. Don’t fall for it. This is your health and your sanity. Don’t gamble with it. Many different home remedies can be used to kill bed bugs, but it is hard to find one that’s truly effective. Bed bugs are survivors, and they can survive for months without food. They can live in near freezing temperatures and survive temperatures up to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. You may have heard that heating up the house is an effective treatment, but in reality, this is horribly dangerous, ineffective, and will not solve a bed bug problem. What temperature kills bed bugs? Bed bugs die when exposed to a temperature held 212 degrees Fahrenheit, for long periods of time.

Bed bugs are not like other insects. The way you get rid of bed bugs is nothing like cockroaches or ants. Beware of companies that claim they have discovered what chemical kills bed bugs instantly. Because of the cryptic nature of this parasitic insect, there are dimensions to a bed bug infestation that account for the lifecycle stages that could be hidden out of sight. Solving a bed bug presence may require regular monitoring and treatments conducted by highly trained professionals to learn infestation levels and solve a problem. Professionals know what chemical kills bed bugs and their eggs, and they can eradicate an infestation for you.

Contact Franklin Pest Solutions for Effective Bed Bug Solutions

When you want to get rid of bed bugs, it’s better to seek the help of an experienced professional, rather than trying to address the problem yourself. Since 1929, Franklin Pest Solutions has been serving customers in the state of Indiana, and our locations include Hammond, Michigan City, Lafayette, New Albany, Indianapolis, and South Bend. We offer bed bug solutions that are eco-conscious and effective, using integrated pest management best practices and prioritizing health.

Our multi-generational, family-run and operated American business has earned a reputation for excellence, not just in the way we treat pests, but in the way we treat our customers. Having been in business for nearly a century, we’ve seen the services and methods of our industry change and evolve, but our values have remained the same. We work to embody the ideals of an industry leader, providing pest control solutions in a careful, conscientious, professional manner, and making customer satisfaction our top priority. The experts at Franklin Pest Solutions are certified by several local, state, and national associations, and we are committed to respecting the role insects play in our ecosystem while also protecting public health. Through community outreach, we work to create cleaner and healthier homes and workplaces while also educating people and serving our community through volunteerism. To schedule a consultation, reach out to a location near you, call 1-800-GOT-PESTS? or contact us through our website.

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