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Franklin’s Bug Squad and Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana partnered up with friends at the Dunes Learning Center on June 10th for a special STEM career program called SPARK DAY to encourage young people (grades 6-12) to explore important careers in public and environmental health! We’re on a mission to encourage young generations to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Friends from Humane Indiana Wildlife, Purdue University’s Entomology Department, and Hoosier Bee Man joined us to show young generations that there are so many awesome career paths besides the most common one we hear (Veterinarian) if you’re an animal and nature lover!

What is Girl Scout Spark Day?

Girl Scout Spark Day programs are special STEM-based career exploration programs that allow young girls to learn about professional careers in a very hands-on, interactive way. As public health leaders in the pest management industry, Franklin Pest Solutions’ experts are passionate about educating all walks of life about insect biology and the balance of humans and nature. Basically this program represents everything in our mission of education and knowledge which is why we partnered up with the Girl Scouts.

Franklin Pest Solutions Spark Day Badge 2023

STEM Career Program Details

If you’re asking yourself “Why would a pest control company be involved with Girl Scouts or STEM?”, allow us to explain. The trade industry is facing huge employment shortages. As our experts are retiring, we need younger people to teach all the skills and “tricks of the trade” that you can’t learn from reading a book or studying online. We know that not all students are college-bound. So we’re helping solve this shortage issue long-term starting at the root.

We believe that with education, we can empower younger generations to explore various career paths they might not be exposed to in school or at home.

For this particular event at the Dunes Learning Center this June, 50+ attendees received Field Notes notepads upon checking in. There was no shortage of nature-themed stickers or fun glitter pens. We can assure you. Attendees explored 5 different stations, learning about careers directly from the experts themselves.

Hoosier Bee Man teaches the art and skill of beekeeping

Hoosier Bee Man demonstrates various tools a beekeeper uses to care for honey bees


Humane Indiana Wildlife educates attendees about wildlife rehabilitation

Courtney from Humane Indiana Wildlife educates Spark Day attendees about rehabilitation and native wildlife


Kayla from Purdue University explains what it's like to learn entomology

Kayla from Purdue University explains what it’s like to learn entomology in college and shares her summer job stories.


Our Service Manager Paige shows off her beautiful mantis

Franklin’s Service Manager, Paige, talks about her journey into the pest management industry while showing off her beautiful Dead Leaf Mantis.


girl holds live insect

Everyone faced their fears and tried holding live insects.


Nico explains Park Ranger careers including Conservation roles

Nico, former Yellowstone Park Ranger explains various Park Ranger careers including Conservation roles


Dunes Learning Center Naturalist leads hikes and teaches about native flora, fauna and nature around us

Dunes Learning Center Naturalist leads hikes and teaches about native flora, fauna and nature around us


The Bug Squad couldn’t be happier with how much we all learned from each other on Spark Day! We definitely had some future Entomologists in the group, which makes our hearts happy. πŸ˜€ Thank you to our friends for making this possible. Thank you to guardians for driving out to the Dunes Learning Center’s amazing property. And most importantly, thank you for the memories!

Bug Squad and Friends Spark Day June 2023

L to R: Kayla, Janelle, Heather, Anna, and Ravin

More About Careers in Pest Management

Like with many trades, learning public health skills and Integrated Pest Management skills is more of a hands-on experience. You don’t need previous experience to work in Pest Management. Our company facilitates all the tools and education a high school graduate would need to become an expert in our industry. And taking the Pest Management career path doesn’t mean you’ll be killing bugs all day whatsoever.

Take a look at our Day in the Life videos on YouTube to see all of the amazing things our experts do on the daily basis!

Glenbrook South High School students learn about pest management trade

Students from Glenbrook South High School spend the day learning about Pest Management


Jobs in the Pest Industry

Whether you’re answering customer phone calls, performing inspections, or managing a team, we provide countless opportunities on an ongoing basis to expand your knowledge and enhance the skills you learn while working with us. In fact, we encourage cross-training between our departments to better understand each other’s important roles.

staff training on honey bee biology and safe removal

Staff training about Honey Bee biology and safe removal from one of our local beekeeper partners.

Below we break down some of the careers that make the pest management industry successful. You’ll see you don’t have to like insects at all to be a pro at some of these things!

Pest Management Specialist

Franklin tech outside house

As a Pest Management Specialist, you play a vital role in maintaining a safe and pest-free environment for our clients. You are the face of the company. You have the specialized knowledge. You are the expert. Altogether, Pest Management Specialists are responsible for identifying, evaluating, and implementing effective pest control strategies to eliminate and prevent infestations.

Manager in Business Operations

As a Manager in Business Operations, you’re responsible for overseeing and coordinating the daily activities of a business to ensure efficient operations and achieve organizational goals. You play a crucial role in optimizing processes, managing resources, and driving operational excellence. Generally, this position requires strong leadership, strategic thinking, and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

Entomologist (the college-bound option)

Entomologists study insects and their behavior, classification, ecology, and impact on the environment. They conduct research, collect and analyze data, and provide expertise and recommendations related to insects and pest management. This requires a strong background in biology, a passion for insects, and the ability to apply scientific knowledge to practical applications while working in various settings.

This is the path that Kayla from our Spark Day is currently on. Her summer job consists of collecting and monitoring invasive species in Indiana. Franklin sponsors Entomology student interns from Purdue University every year in preparation for their annual Bug Bowl celebration. If you’re interested in this path, we can help mentor you!


customer care office support job

You are the voice of the company! And you don’t have to like bugs at all. Administrative positions are vital in ensuring the smooth operation of daily business activities and providing support to the team. Responsibilities include managing office operations and maintaining efficient communication channels within the organization. So, this requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Marketing Pest Management

women working together on marketing plan

This is great for anyone who is used to having 27 tabs open at all times. There are a lot of moving pieces to marketing in pest management. Promoting services,Β  brand awareness, earning trust from the community, working with the sales team and so many other facets are juggled by the Marketing team. Driving business growth, attracting and retaining customers, nurturing relationships are all part of the gig. This team operates at the intersection of creativity, data analysis, market research, and communication to effectively reach target audiences and achieve marketing objectives.

Use us as a resource in your STEM career program path!

Young people have a multitude of pathways available to enter the trade industry, and pursuing a college education is not the only route to success. It is essential for young people to explore their interests, assess their strengths, and consider all options other industries have to offer. We aim to continue educating the youth and opening their minds to the pest industry or any other STEM industry they’re interested in.

Through Spark Days or educational school visits, we empower the next generation to explore their passions, find meaningful work, and contribute to the thriving STEM industry. Special thank you to all of our amazing partners for making this day possible!

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