When’s the last time you cleaned out your cabinets and your pantry? If you haven’t cleaned these storage spaces recently, it’s time to get a jump on spring cleaning because pesky pantry pests could be invading your space. Make sure your condiments aren’t contaminated. Read on for tips on how to handle pantry pests from Franklin Pest Solutions!iStock-177430123.jpg

What is a Pantry Pest?

Pantry pests are insects that commonly make their way into food and baking supplies in our kitchens. As people dig out the flour, spices, nuts and other dried goods that haven’t been used in quite some time, it’s important to thoroughly inspect for signs of a pantry pest infestation, and discard any that appear damaged or infested.


Preventive Steps to Keep Pests Away

In addition to inspecting items and disposing of any that are damaged or infested, there are other steps you can take to keep the pests out. The National Pest Management Association (NMPA)a non-profit organization committed to the protection of public health, food and property from pests–notes that Indian meal moths are the most common pantry pest, followed by beetles and weevils. Indian meal moths do not directly cause disease or damage to the home, but can be a major nuisance due to their quick breeding capabilities.

Franklin Pest Solutions encourages you to follow these 5 pest proofing steps from the NPMA to keep your pantry free from invasion:

  1. Inspect groceries at the store for any holes, torn packaging or broken seals before placing them in the cart, as most pantry pests are brought into homes from items that are already infested.
  2. Check expiration dates before use.
  3. Once finished with the ingredients, store them in sealed plastic or glass containers with secure lids that will keep the pantry organized while more importantly keep pest out.
  4. Wipe up crumbs and spills as soon as possible, and periodically cleaning cupboards with soap and water to remove any food residue that may accumulate over time.
  5. Regularly dispose of garbage in a sealed receptacle.

If you’ve tried all of these things but you’re still having problems with pests in the pantry or with pest-proofing in general, it’s time to call in the professionals from Franklin Pest Solutions. 800-GOT-PESTS.

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