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Franklin Pest Solutions is proud and honored to sponsor Washington Park Zoo Pollinator Pathway Garden at the . Indiana’s pollinators, mainly bees and butterfly species, are vital to the ecosystem, especially considering the near-dire situation involving bees over the last several years.



The Pollinator Pathway Garden, with our help, was created as a natural habitat for local pollinating insects. It boasts dozens of blooming perennials, fruit trees, shrubs and a huge, 3000-gallon Koi pond! Birds, bees, butterflies and bats call the garden home in their own personalized housing. Pollination is a key factor in how our environment continues to function, and the garden allows easy and problem-free access to the flowers for bees and butterflies who rely on them. Wouldn’t you prefer it if you could go about your day without your food source and home being picked, or stepped on? That’s how pollinators feel!



The Washington Park Zoo has been dedicated to preserving wildlife and educating the community since 1928, and the Pollinator Pathway Garden is just one of many habitats containing over 90 species of wildlife! The Zoo, like all of us here at Franklin Pest Solutions, consider community education vital to the long term existence of many of these animals, which is why their main focus is on programs like the Zoo Experience – a group tour to give you a complete immersive look into how the animals live, stories from the Zookeepers, even animal trivia!

Mammals, birds, reptiles, and (our favorite) insects, all share our planet – learning about them and how we all affect their habitats can give us a lot of perspective about our little Earth. Trips up to Michigan City to visit the Zoo are always memorable, as we love seeing people who are as passionate about critters as we are! While we may specialize in pest removal, we’re also passionate about education regarding the pests we come across. They live here too, and many times it’s simply a matter of relocating them to an environment that’s better suited for them – one that isn’t your backyard or house!


You sure can! Pollinator Gardens are an easy, beautiful and fun way to not only dress up your yard, but also provide a safe habitat for your insect friends. Check out our free Pollinator e-book! is a website dedicated to this very endeavor! Pop over and enter your zip code, and you’ll be provided with all the info you’ll need to get your very own pollinator habitat up and running.

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