Franklin Pest Solutions has been your go-to residential and commercial pest control service in Northwest Indiana for almost a century, but that doesn’t mean we’re not also extremely conscious of the environmental sensitivity that needs be addressed with pests… particularly when it comes to pollinators. Every pollinator out there plays a role in our food supply chain, but today the buzz is just about bees.


We’ve all been stung by a flier at least once, but most of us were probably too preoccupied with the pain and annoyance to remember what it was that actually stung us. It’s certainly possible it was a good bee, but there’s a much higher chance it was a bad bee. We’ll get in to all of the differences between the good guys and the bad guys later, but for now we’re going to focus on of our favorite pollinating friends: the honey bee. After all, it is National Honey Bee Day!


Honeybees make honey, but if you don’t use honey in your tea or on your toast or as a cough remedy are they really that important? Absolutely! Honey bees are responsible for 33% of our food supply. That’s right, one-third of our food supply is influenced in one way or another by these fantastic flying fellows. They’re so important the White House even built hives and instituted new steps to promote pollinator health. Check out Hobby Farms infographic below for even more information:


Franklin Pest Solutions has always been a proud supporter of the Pollinator Health cause. If you missed it last time around, you can read all about how to help save the pollinators on our blog.


Check out the Franklin Pest blog for additional details about pollinator health, or download our eBook below and help save the the pollinators!


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