Bed bugs are showing more and more resistance to pest control product use in certain environments with chronic issues. Because there are no two bed bug situations quite the same, we offer several options for effective control.

Thermal Bed Bug Control

Bed bug heat treatments are a great alternative to chemical or conventional bed bug services. Not all environments can tolerate thermal bed bug control, but those that can have fantastic results. Using equipment such as portable heaters and high powered fans, the temperature of a room with bed bug activity is raised to around 120 degrees or in some cases, slightly higher. What this does is it conquers the bed bug using its own weakness to come out of hiding and gravitate towards a heat source. The temperature is held at that degree for a period of time, resulting in dead bed bugs literally toasted.

Bed Bug Heat Service Prep

This is probably the most important part of the bed bug heat treatment. Getting rid of bed bugs takes cooperation on both parts: our clients and service team, mutually. Download Franklin Pest Solutions’ Bed Bug Prep Checklist here.


Remember, always seek the help of a professional pest management specialist if you suspect bed bug activity. There’s no “magic bullet” when it comes to defeating bed bugs. Sometimes it take a combination of conventional AND heat treatment services, depending on the level of infestation, reintroduction of bed bugs, amount of clutter in the home and the number of rooms affected. Ask as many questions as you can so you have some peace of mind.

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