June 4 – 10, 2017 is officially Bed Bug Awareness Week, thanks to our friends at the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). From helpful bed bug information and bed bug inspection, to bed bug treatment and bed bug prevention, we’re going to be throwing all the bed bug stuff we can at you over the next week!

Bed bugs, despite their name, love to travel, and can be found virtually everywhere. One of our Franklin Branch Managers had this to say:

“Summer is a prime time for bed bug infestations because travel increases and people are more likely to pick up bed bugs during transit between locations. We encourage all travelers, from college students coming home for break to families going on vacation, to keep a close eye out for bed bugs looking for a ride home in suitcases.”

Bed bugs have a pretty bad reputation, and rightly so. Curious as to why? Here’s a great infographic from the NPMA to give you a crash course:

Bed Bug Awareness Week 2017


The beg bug problem in the United States has been on the rise in the last decade or so, especially with travelers. Last year, we wrote:

“These biting pests are also easily transported back home and use belongings, such as suitcases and boxes to hitchhike. Bed bugs are known to survive in various conditions, so it is essential for travelers to practice caution during and after trips.”

People having the ability to travel around the world can unfortunately come with drawbacks. Especially considering only two years ago, a study by the NPMA and the University of Kentucky confirmed that 75% of pest control professionals reported treated bed bugs in hotels and motels. Yikes, huh?

We’re always of the belief that education is the most important when it comes to bed bug control and bed bug infestation, so over the next week, we’re going to keep you informed with a few bed bug related posts.

Think you might have bed bugs? Absolutely sure you have bed bugs? Worried about bringing them home with you after a vacation, or from that awesome couch you found at that garage sale last week? Keep your eyes peeled on the Franklin Pest Blog or contact us using the buttons below.


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