Mice and rats have a long history of making us sick. But, the pros at Franklin Pest Solutions have a long history of defeating them, dating back to 1929. During the Bubonic plague, flea-infested rats rapidly spread the disease responsible for killing 25 million people. Although our plague days are behind us, rodents still possess the power to spread 200 different pathogens and 35 diseases to humans. Don’t live with these pests. We can help. Franklin Pest Solutions will inspect and analyze signs of a possible rodent problem and determine what steps to take next.

Protecting Homes and Businesses from Rodents since 1929

Did you know that Franklin Pest Solutions has been in business to keep folks healthy since 1929? Our rodent-ridding roots run deep in Indiana. And now, with over 100 employees and 11 locations throughout the Midwest, our pest management efforts are exponentially successful. If your home or business has signs of mice or rats, don’t live with it. Trust the pros at Franklin to help get rid of rodents for a healthier, happier environment.

(Left to Right: Franklin crew circa 1930, Franklin’s Michigan City office 1948, Franklin’s Hammond crew circa 1978)

Rodents, Mosquitoes, and Boxelder Bugs to Come

Patterns in weather tell us a lot about nature and what we can expect throughout the future seasons. National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has released their projection for what pests will be plentiful and thriving this Fall and Winter. Take a look at the map below.

Rodents, Mosquitoes, and Boxelder Bugs to Come

One of our most popular packages for maintaining a pest-free home 365 days a year is our Healthy Home Maintenance Program (HHMP). This package covers mice, rats and 14 other common household pests. So no matter what weather patterns trigger in terms of pest problems for the remainder of the year, you’ll be protected. Guaranteed.

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