Brown Bugs, Centipedes, and Wasps Oh, My!

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The seasons are changing. As cooler temperatures settle in you may notice seasonal changes around your home. Pests notice as well. Once summer crops are come down, fall pests will begin seeking new homes. This time of year it is very common for fall pests to invade residential structures for shelter from cooler temperatures. Franklin Pest Solutions has key tips to help homeowners prepare for fall by pest-proofing their home. 

Weird Brown Bugs

A.K.A. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. is an invasive species. Travelling from Eastern Asia in the 1990’s, these pests are a major consumer of crops. Like other seasonal pests in the Midwest, stink bugs will make their way into your home late summer/early fall in search of a safe place to enter their own form of hibernation called diapause. We’ve listed several other seasonal pests below. Click the image for more information on where to find them and how to get rid of them. With Franklin’s quarterly Healthy Home Maintenance program you can be protected from 14 different types of pests commonly found around your home 365 days a year!

Silverfish Stink Bug Earwig Paper Wasps by Frankin pest solutions,IL


Centipedes Stink Bugs Earwigs



 Protecting You From Bites and Stings

FACT: Mosquitos are the most dangerous animal on the planet! These blood-sucking pests have been known for transmitting some of the most deadly illnesses to humans. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the stinging pests. Protecting yourself starts with putting insect repellant on correctly. Click on the flyers below for a closer look.


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