There’s still time to get your fun in at some of our favorite Indy summer spots!

Not ready for summer to be over yet? There’s still time to have fun! Ever since Franklin Pest Solutions officially opened up an Indy branch this year, Zippy has enjoyed getting to know the area and all the cool stuff Indy has to offer. Check out Zippy’s top 5 Indy summer spots for friends & family summer fun!

1. Carmel Water Park
Who doesn’t love waterslides?! On hot summer days like we’ve been having, there’s no other perfect place to cool off than at Carmel Water Park, a Hamilton County staple!
indy summer stops

2. Midtown 

So many great restaurants, live music, aaaaand right on the Monon?! What more could you ask for?! Midtown is where it’s at! And it’s totally become Zippy’s new favorite hangout spot right here in Carmel.

indy summer stops

3. Monon Trail

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Hamilton and Marion counties are super friendly for pollinators! Check out all these beautiful flowers lining the Monon trail in Midtown! There are so many busy bees and beautiful butterflies along the trail! We love this!
indy summer stops

4. Conner Prairie

Whether you’re in the mood for history, a ride in a hot air balloon, or heading over for Symphony on the Prairie, Conner Prairie is a must-hit spot before this summer is over. Zippy the honeybee approved!
indy summer stops

5. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

You might already know by now how much Zippy loves The Children’s Museum. Franklin Pest Solutions has partnered with the world’s best children’s museum for several years. Some of Zippy’s favorite spots are digging for dinosaur bones in Dinosphere, putting his athleticism to the test outside in the Sports Legends Experience, and hanging out in the Barbie: You Can Be Anything exhibit, sponsored by us!
Don’t let pests get in the way of your summer fun! Let us know if we can help with stinging insects, spiders, earwigs, mosquitoes or any other creepy crawlies! We’re here to keep you healthy and protected!
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