You may have seen Franklin tabling at the Get Outdoors event at the Dunes Learning Center or the Munster Touch a Truck, but did you know you can have Franklin come to your school, too? Read more to find out what awesome projects and units we can bring to your classroom! We would love to come spend the day with you! 

193Zippy the Honeybee and our Branch Manager, John, with pre-kindergartners at Goudy Public School

Our Mission

Of course, pest control is very much about keeping what you don’t want inside and around your homes and families OUT. Protecting your health and well-being is our number one priority. But while this is important to us and to you, we do a lot more than keeping your homes and businesses pest free. Did you know we are one of the oldest names in the business, dating back to 1929?! With this comes a big responsibility and we take great pride in engaging with our communities. We believe all creatures have their place on this Earth and it’s all about getting them where it’s best for them and us.

Community Involvement

Have Zippy the Honeybee come to your school! He and his pest savvy friends, including Franklin’s own Bug Girls, will help you learn about the importance of insects to our environment and what we can do to play a part in taking care of our earth, especially bees like himself. It’s not always just about killing everything but rather finding a balance between nature and humanity.

Class Projects and Units we participate in:

  • Honey bee studies
  • Butterfly release projects
  • Insect chapters
  • Pollinator studies
  • Make and take craft workshops
  • Mascot appearances
  • Live insect show and tell

We love crafts! A great way to get kids engaged is to give them a hands-on activity that is relatable to them. Make and take craft workshops are one of our favorite ways to not only have some fun but also be able to teach and inform these little critters about all of the other little critters we have running around on our planet.

Contact Franklin’s Marketing Team to talk about a special visit to your school or business!

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