It’s termite awareness week. As the season attempts to warm up, spring pests begin to stir. Franklin Pest Solutions is ready. Franklin and The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) have put together a list of termite hot-spots around your home. Read on to check the list and make sure your home is protected. Non-stop eating 24 hours a day, seven days a week makes termites tiny pests of mass destruction. We have found termites in books, window ledges and even in a long forgotten dresser drawers living off of denim jeans fibers. Known for their ability to cause extensive damage on the structure of your home before you even notice, termites are labeled as the “silent destroyers.”


Protecting Your Home

Termites cause over $5 billion in property damage every year. Unfortunately, many homeowners learn too late that their insurance policy and their initial home inspection does not include termite damage. Don’t get left unprotected. Franklin Pest Solutions offers a couple different options for home and business termite treatments. Allow our professional staff to put your worries at ease by performing a certified Wood Destroying Organism Report (Termite Inspection). Stop termites in their mud-tube tracks.

Take a look at the infographic below for some interesting termites facts from around the world.

rose termite awareness week

Termites Around your Home

Being aware of vulnerable termite zones around your house is just as important as being able to identify termites. In order to keep your home safe the National Pest Management Assocication NPMA, has designated the following as the top three zones commonly attracting termites to your home.

1. Storing firewood too close to property: Many homeowners keep firewood stacked against their home or on the stoop for easy access. This is appealing to termites and can draw them toward a home and provide a point of entry. Instead, store firewood at least 20 feet away form the house and five inches off the ground. Also, be careful of leaving stumps and dead trees in the yard. Rotting wood material can serve as termite fuel and eventually result in termites entertaining home.

2. Clogged gutters: Cleaning the gutters is a necessary part of termite prevention. Termites love moisture and clogged gutter can cause water to pool and make insulation vulnerable to these wood-destroying pests.

3. Mulch: Mulch is frequently used near the home and against the foundation and can serve as a source of food for termites. It also retains moisture, which attracts these destructive pests. Minimize the usage of wood mulch and keep it at least 15 inches from the foundation.

We’re Here to Help You!

termite_swarmer_wingspanAbove is a swarmer termite. These termites are sent out in masses to locate a new home suitable for a colony to claim.

Photo Credit: Ricky Kluge


Winged swarmer termites accumulating around your home are a warning sign that you may be housing a colony. If it has been over two years since your last termite inspection, it might be time to reach out to us at Franklin to set one up today 800-GOT-PESTS.

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