Franklin Pest Solutions takes great pride in the opportunities created through partnerships to greater serve our communities. Whether we’re answering ant questions at the Louisville Bats stadium or passing around our Madagascar hissing cockroaches at The Indianapolis Children’s Museum, we are happy to be a visible working part of supporting healthy homes. Check out some of our reaps of the events. 

We Are Here for You 

By attending events, we are able to engage with those we serve, provide helpful tips, and gain beneficial feedback for how we can better support our valued customers. My personal favorite part of attending events is bringing a little bit of humor and fun to help take some of the uncomfortable-edge off discussing pest control. We have a good time wherever we go. 

Summer Fun 

We had a great summer spending time in Munster’s beautiful Centennial Park. Munster Parks provided food, live music, drinks, and even a Luau. Meanwhile, Franklin helped keep everyone entertained with crafts and hydrated with fruit infused water. The great weather this past summer paved the way for some great days to get outside and support our favorite Louisville baseball team, the Bats. Zippy, Franklin’s busy honeybee mascot, and Buddy Bat even played some mischievous games on the Louisville Slugger Field!

Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha

Crafting and Educating 

Throughout the year we attended many family friendly events at museums, park districts, and even some parades. This past year, Franklin’s Bug Girls helped craft 150 paper bowl ladybugs, 30 egg-carton ants, 213 coffee filter butterflies, 60 paper mice, 35 paper birds, and 200 toilet paper roll bumblebees. While we weren’t getting covered in glue and recapping markers, we were quizzing children’s insect knowledge with our prize wheel and answering a wide range of personal pesky questions for adults. Connect with us on Facebook so you know when we will be attending Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Dunes Learning Center, or a local popup event in your community!

Thank you for your support of Franklin Pest Solutions in 2018. We’re looking forward to seeing you in 2019 as we plan even more great events that will support our community and highlight your favorite local pest experts.

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