How to Get Rid of Mice

Get rid of mice and other creepy insects invading your home. This article will help you get rid of the top 3 Midwest rodents. Learning about these rodents will help you to identify them and keep them out. Let our pest experts put your fears to rest with fall pest tips. If you’re having problems with mice, know that you’re not alone. Lately customers are calling frequently for tips on how to keep rodents out. We will help ease you into fall and set yourself up for a pest free winter by teaching you how to get rid of mice and rats.

According to the National Pest Management Association, an estimated 21 million U.S. homes are invaded by rodents each year. Education is the first defense against any pest problem. We’ve curated all you need to know to defeat these survivalists coming into cooler weather. Knowing the top 6 signs of mice and rats will help keep your home protected. Watch the video below and learn how rodents get inside. Click on the rodent below for more information.

Deer Mice House Mice Norway Rats

How Rodents Get Inside

You Got Rid of the Mice but What About the Fall Bugs?

As if battling rats and mice weren’t enough to keep you entertained, other common fall pests such as Asian beetles, stink bugs, and boxelder bugs are making their way in. Through torn window screens and unsealed chimneys, some of these sun seeking pests will actually hibernate in your walls. Click on the Bug Barometer below to take a closer look at what pests are looking to invade in your region.

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