At Franklin Pest Solutions, we put ecosystems above profits. We’re not anti-bug. Insects play a super important role in our world and ecosystem. This week, we’re celebrating Earth Day! And we love learning about what’s cool, what’s fascinating, and even what’s gross in the natural world. Our mission is to share that knowledge. The Bug Girls love sharing the fun and fascinating world of insects with the communities we serve. We’re committed to protecting your homes, and protecting the vital role insects play in our ecology.

With Earth Day on April 22nd and Arbor Day on April 30th, this is a great month to celebrate our living world. Join us in celebrating Earth Day!   We are taking this opportunity to talk about how much we love and appreciate nature. The Earth is a living planet and every creature has its purpose. One of our missions is to encourage all walks of life to do their part in promoting pollinator health.

Some amazing pollinator resources we love from our friends at the Dunes Learning Center:

Guide to Building Your Own Pollinator Garden

Common Native Flowers in Indiana

Native Flowers Resources & Suggestions

What is an IPM Program?

We believe responsible pest management respects the balance between nature and humans. That’s what Integrated Pest Management is all about! We have high standards of protecting health that will give your customers true peace of mind.

Franklin Commercial IPM program benefits:

  • Customized, full-service routine maintenance
  • Dedicated account manager for ease of communication
  • Maintain compliance with the Department of Public Health’s pest requirements
  • Installation and maintenance of fly lights, rodent monitors, and any other necessary equipment
  • Maintenance of log book on premises to record sightings and pest pressures
  • Crack/crevice treatments for areas conducive to pest harborage
  • Professional recommendations to repair structural issues

We don’t just get rid of existing pests. We provide the tools to keep them from coming back.

Our friends at the Dunes Learning Center shared some awesome native tree info with us as well.
Download this great packet of info about native trees in the Midwest!

We hope you can take something away from this post and maybe even learn something. Pest management is not about killing bugs but is a much bigger picture. It’s all about that healthy balance between humans and nature.

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