We Made A TV Commercial!

Have you seen the Bug Girls on your screens yet?

Click this image to watch the full commercial on YouTube! 🙂

So What’s The Story With Our Commercial?

The Bug Man was iconic to our business back in the 1940s! He appeared in our ads and was even painted into murals on our buildings back in the day. Want to read up on our super awesome company history? Check out this blog post to see a timeline and how we’ve evolved!

From then to now, our pest control tactics surely have changed…

Since the “Bug Man” heyday, our products have totally changed. They are regulated by the EPA and safe for sensitive environments, kids, pets, etc. And most importantly, our promise to our customers is still the same as it was decades ago — Quality, Integrity, Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

So Who Even Are The Bug Girls?

Marketing Director – Janelle Iaccino

The insect world was nothing new to Janelle. She took on what she thought would be a summer position answering phones for Rose’s Rockford, IL branch back in 2005. She was known as the strange, artsy girl in High School who kept a pet tarantula in her locker. (Her mom wouldn’t let her bring it home.) 16 years later, Janelle leads a team of three strong, creative, amazing women who help bring projects and ideas to life in order to strengthen our company’s brandFrom community outreach efforts to internal training programsJanelle a.k.a. “Queen Bee” is proud to lead the Marketing Team as our historical company continues to grow. 

Marketing Coordinator – Erin Anthony

Joining Rose in 2018, it was Erin’s Chicago art community connections that lead her to team up with Janelle and forming the beginning of the “Bug Girls” squad. Erin has a background in social work and photography. She is great at creating and capturing moments that highlight Rose’s philanthropic work within the community. She’s the designer behind a lot of our ads, too. Erin is not so keen on handling the team’s traveling pet Madagascar hissing cockroaches. However, her videography and media editing skills are sharpening as we continue to create edutaining content for our customers and followers.

Marketing Coordinator – Anna Kleck

Indianapolis native, and a 2020 graduate

Indianapolis native, and a 2020 graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Marketing, Anna joined the team full-time in Summer 2020. She interned as an honorary “Bug Girl” the summer before and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work for Rose full-time. Anna is a Marketing Coordinator for Rose Pest Solutions and one of three “Bug Girls” on Rose’s Marketing Team. Anna helps manage our social media, creative content, marketing tactics, community outreach efforts, and more.

So what can everyone expect to see from the Bug Girl Squad?

You’ll see us throughout the seasons on various TV stations. We’ll be guests for special interviews related to pests of the season and some of the cool community projects we have going on. We’ve got some pollinator health initiatives planned for this year again. We’ll be helping the town of Porter, IN become certified for beecityusa.org by installing native pollinator gardens throughout the town along rights of way, highways and near local businesses. We’re continuing to encourage young girls to go after their dreams and explore careers in science. Franklin Pest Solutions is proud to sponsor the Children’s Museum exhibit, “Barbie- You Can Be Anything: The Experience” and have special appearances planned around that exhibit. The Bug Girls are joining forces with Two Men and a Truck’s “Movers for Moms” program to help women in need in our communities.

These are a few more things we have in store!

  • School visits
  • Virtual show and tell sessions
  • Girl Scout badge projects
  • Tik tok videos of our beloved honeybee mascot
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of what it’s like to be a public health expert

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