Franklin Pest Solutions has been an industry leader in pest control and pest prevention for the better part of a century. We’re also a family owned company with a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re one of our customers, you knew all of that. What you might not know is that the Franklin Pest Solutions family and coverage areas recently expanded with the addition of our two smaller brands, Kentucky Termite and Cochnower Pest Control, to the Franklin Pest Solutions brand.

What’s new?

So what does that mean, really? Cochnower Pest Control and Kentucky Termite and Pest Control are called Franklin Pest Solutions now. Cochnower and Kentucky were both established brands and integral parts of their communities for decades (since 1943 and 1938, respectively), so we didn’t change anything about what you’ve come to expect from them with the transition. The same quality, customer commitment, and expertise you’ve been getting from all three of our brands hasn’t changed, and it never will. The only thing that we did change was the name. Even the staff and the phone numbers stay the same!

Why the change?

Adopting the parent company name allows us to streamline operations and service areas to make it easier than ever for you to get coverage with services like the Healthy Home Maintenance Program across Northwest Indiana, Central Indiana, Southwestern Michigan and even in Louisville, Kentucky. In other words, Franklin Pest Solutions now proudly serves: Lake, Porter, LaPorte, St. Joseph, and Elkhart counties in Northwest Indiana, Jasper, White, Carroll, Tippencanoe, Clinton, Howard, Tipton, Boone, Hamilton, Hendricks, Marion, and Johnson counties in Central Indiana, Berrien, Cass and St. Joseph counties in Michigan, and the metropolitan Louisville, Kentucky. In other words, you can get the best in pest from Franklin Pest Solutions regardless of if you’re in Indianapolis, IN, Lafayette, IN, Louisville, KY, or Jeffersonville, IN.

How do I get in touch with Franklin Pest Solutions?

The contact info for the former Cochnower Pest Control and Kentucky Termite and Pest Control locations are the same, but here it is again for easy reference:


Contact info:
Franklin Pest Solutions
530 S Earl Ave. Lafayette, IN 47904
(765) 447-7502
Toll Free: (800)GOT-PESTS


Contact info:
Franklin Pest Solutions
415 E Elm St. New Albany, IN 47150 
(812) 945-9818
Toll Free: (800)GOT-PESTS


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