To become a designated PestVets member company, the company must make a commitment to, and promote, the hiring of Veterans. Additionally, the company should participate in acts of service (e.g. coat drives, fund raising, serving meals to Veterans, etc.) for Veterans or Active-Duty military. Finally, the company must be a member in good standing with National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

What is PestVets?

PestVets is a Council of the NPMA. The concept was founded in late 2014 to actively recruit Veterans into the pest management industry, providing them with any needed resources for the transition. FMC, one of our industry’s leading product manufacturers has served as the sole (and very generous) sponsor of PestVets since its inception.

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PestVets has several initiatives:

  1. Provide recruitment resources
  2. PestVets Mentorship Program
  3. PestVets Gives Back and
  4. David Cooksey PestVet of the Year Award

The Council has 25 members and meets in person 2-3 times per year and monthly on conference calls. The in-person meetings, usually held in conjunction with NPMA national events, are open to anyone interested in learning more about PestVets. You DON’T even have to have served to join!

FMC volunteers PestVets

Dr. Stan Cope, Director of Technical Services for Franklin, and a retired Navy Captain, is one of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of PestVets, along with Mr. Marty Overline, founder of Aardvark Pest Management in Philadelphia. Marty served as an Entomology Engineer for the United States Air Force while Stan served as a Medical Entomologist for the United States Navy. Marty gets full credit for the concept of PestVets; Stan helped shepherd it along the way to fruition. Stan currently serves on the PestVets Council, along with Curtis Rand, VP of Operations for Franklin Pest Solutions.

PestVets Goals

  • Create Veteran Awareness of Opportunities in the Pest Management Industry
  • Provide Guidance to Assist Veterans With Transitioning to the Industry
  • Recognize Veterans For Their Industry Contributions
  • Give Back To the Community and Show Appreciation For Active Military

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PestVets State & Regional Units

As of April 2024, 71 pest companies representing 27 states have become registered PestVets companies. There are 13 individual state Units, including Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and New England (includes Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont). Start-up Units, once approved by the PestVets Council, can apply for a grant of $500 to jumpstart their efforts. If your state association is interested in starting a State Unit, please contact Dr. Stan Cope (

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Cooksey Award

Each year since 2016, PestVets has bestowed the David Cooksey PestVet of the Year Award. The award, named after the late Col (retired) David Cooksey, United States Air Force, was created to honor a Veteran who has made significant contributions to the pest control industry.

The evaluation process includes the following categories:

  1. Leadership and involvement in community volunteer activities
  2. Contributions to the pest control industry
  3. Contributions to the nominee’s company
  4. Contributions to other Veterans

A list of past winners and other information can be found at David Cooksey PestVet of the Year Award (

PestVets Gives Back

The PestVets Council as well as the PestVets State & Regional Units are heavily involved in giving back. This is done through a variety of efforts throughout the year, with an emphasis on helping others during the holiday season. Example activities have included coat drives; serving meals in facilities of the Veterans Administration; raising funds and donating for various efforts such as suicide prevention, move-in kits for housing transition, refurbishing the USS Midway, and helping to rebuild a handicapped restroom in a Veterans Home.

check helping rebuild veterans home

For a  current list of designated PestVets companies and information on how to apply, see PestVets (

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