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Together, We Will Persevere.

Such a mix of emotions going on as we learn to navigate through this unusual time. One of the most powerful occurrences derived from this period of quarantine is seeing our community band together. Whether it’s We would like for this page to serve as educational resources for all the wonderful things that our partners and our community have put together to help support you. Be safe, educated, enlightened, and entertained. If we can pull together at a distance, imagine what our community can look like once the quarantine is lifted.



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Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Learn how to make a beautiful collection, catch a story, or take a look at exhibits to come, for something to look forward to.

Dunes Learning Center

Download free activities, take virtual field trips, and more!

National Pest Management Association

Check out Pest World, a place where kids can enjoy educational games, puzzles, videos, and more approved by the National Science Teachers Association and all ad-free.

Kohl Children’s Museum

Since having to close their physical doors, Kohl Children’s Museum has burst open their virtual doors at the Home Zone. There are a variety of videos featuring Museum Educators teaching STEM learning and reading aloud from their favorite books. You can even visit them for a virtual tour on youtube and take a quick summertime walk through the pollinator garden that Rose donated. <3

The Children’s Museum

The museum is releasing a series called Recipes for Play at Home and has also put together a brand new Parenting Playbook, a free resource with community support.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Take a close look at Peggy Notebaert’s personal specimen collection. You can also sign up for their daily email packed full of facts, activities and great questions to ask your kids to engage their science needs.

Brookfield Zoo

How about going on a virtual field trip to the zoo!

WTTW is here for YOU! 

During this unusual time, we know that everyone is looking for ways to keep their lives as normal as possible. Just as you likely did when you were a child, you look to WTTW and PBS for ways to stay active and learn something new. As schools and students, families and educators adapt to the current health crisis, WTTW is supporting them by gathering some of our free, trusted digital resources from

PBS LearningMedia and our award-winning PBS Kids programming. PBS LearningMedia resources span disciplines for grades PreK-12, are aligned to national and state standards, and include videos, comprehensive lessons, and other activities. Start exploring PBS LearningMedia options below:


Early Elementary (K-3)

Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5)

Middle School (Grades 6-9)

High School (Grades 9-12)





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