Birds and Bats

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Birds fluttering in your chimney, nesting in your garage, or perching near your front door? Woodpeckers pecking on your house? Sometimes they just need a little convincing that they belong elsewhere! Our exclusion services provide animal-friendly options to keep birds in the trees, where they belong.

What is Bird Exclusion?

Using a combination of materials such as a properly fitted chimney cap, dryer vent covers, visual and audio deterrents, and other items, your property can be less inviting to birds without hurting them at all. Bird exclusion materials include:

  • Netting
  • Deterrent spikes
  • Deterrent paste or caulk
  • Liquid deterrent applications
  • Sonic repellers
  • Visual scare devices

Common Nuisance Birds

  • Red bellied woodpeckers
  • Starlings
  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Crows
  • Sea gulls
  • Canadian geese

Pest Bird Health Risks

Bird droppings and nesting debris can degrade your building’s appearance and integrity. They could cause insect infestations, like fleas, mites and parasites as well as emit very unpleasant smells. Pest birds pose health risks due to the number of diseases and bacteria that are present in their droppings and nests. This isn’t inviting to your customers at all and the negative impacts are even greater if you are in the food industry.

What About Bats?

Bats do a great job at keeping insect populations down outside, but they can cause health risks and damage when they get into the structure of your house.

Bat Exclusion

Sealing cracks and crevices bats can squeeze into offers a permanent solution to what could be a recurring issue. There are valves that allow any bats that may be inside to fly out, but not back in. (See image of bat valve to the right.) Sanitation may be necessary during the process, depending on the size of the population and the amount of droppings present.

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