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Rodent Control Services

The Threat

Rodent problems, when left unattended, can pose serious health risks to you and your environment. Not only are they vectors for diseases, but they're also responsible for causing asthma and allergy problems in children, can spread fleas and mites, and can damage the structure of your home. Don't keep living with your rodent issue. Get professional help today with Franklin's rodent control services.

Healthy Home Gold

For ongoing protection against rodents like house mice, deer mice, field mice, voles, rats and shrews, Franklin Pest Solutions' Healthy Home Gold Program has you covered. Not only do you get protection all year long against rodents, but we'll even throw in crawling insect control too, free of charge to you! That's year 'round rodent AND insect protection! You only pay for 4 services out of the year. Anything that pops up in between your paid services is on the house! 

Rodent Exclusion

If you've been dealing with rodents regularly accessing the interior of your home, you may want to consider our permanent rodent control service called Exclusion. In addition to inspecting and identifying access points in the structure of your home, we'll seal up the holes, cracks and crevices the rodents are using to gain access to the inside of the building. This keeps them out for good. Our baiting system installed around the exterior of the property will provide further control of rodent populations.

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