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Avoid bugs in the pantry + BONUS Valentine’s Day recipe!

Avoid Bugs in the Pantry If you haven’t used your baking supplies since Thanksgiving or Christmas, now’s a good time to make sure your supplies are well-sealed and you’re not accidentally attracting pantry pests. Expiration dates are an important aspect of maintaining the integrity of your ingredients. And storing items properly is just as important. […]

Mice and Rat Solutions for the Winter Months

Mice and Rat Solutions Franklin Pest Control’s Pest Experts want to keep you protected with the BEST mice and rat solutions. Commercial or residential our pest experts have their own personal tricks on how they catch rodents and keep them out. With the freezing cold temperatures that we’ve been experiencing, mice and rats are seeking […]

Do You Know How to Look For Signs of Mice?

Protect Your Home by Knowing Signs of Mice They may seem insignificant if you see one in your garage or find one in a box of Christmas decorations you bring down from the attic. But like we always tell our customers, there’s never just one mouse. And the amount of diseases, parasites, and bacteria rodents […]

Franklin Protects the Food Industry

Bugs and rodents are definitely NOT something anyone ever wants to think about or experience while they’re eating. Am I right?! As food lovers, we typically don’t think twice about where our grocery store products come from or how clean a kitchen is in a restaurant. That’s because a lot goes on behind the scenes […]