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Franklin Protects the Food Industry

Bugs and rodents are definitely NOT something anyone ever wants to think about or experience while they’re eating. Am I right?! As food lovers, we typically don’t think twice about where our grocery store products come from or how clean a kitchen is in a restaurant. That’s because a lot goes on behind the scenes […]

6 Signs of A Rodent Infestation

Have you been hearing some creatures stirring this holiday season? Got signs of rodents? Mice and rats are prevalent this time of year in these colder months. They’re looking for a warm, dry place just like us to cozy up for the winter. Read the graphic below to see if you may have any holiday […]

6 Key Tips to Holiday Pest Proofing

How can a year feel so long and also go by so quickly? One thing that always helps pick up the spirit is holiday decorations. But before you drag in your holiday decorations make sure you know the 6 tips of holiday pest-proofing. Stored away and left undisrupted, your decorations may have been home to […]

9 Tips to Keep Rodents Out

9 Tips to Keep Rodents Out As Fall Pushes Pests Indoors The National Pest Management Association has declared October 18th-24th Rodent Awareness week. So, this means we will be unloading all types of facts, tips, memes and more on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Get your home ready for fall pests with help from Franklin. This July, […]