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Why NOW is the Best Time Avoid Stink Bugs

Avoid Stink Bugs and Other Fall Pests It’s harvest season, crops are coming down in rural areas and displacing familiar fall pests like stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and Asian beetles. These are all invasive species of insects that plague residential areas when crops get cut. Although you can find these pests all across the Midwest, […]

Brown Bugs

Brown Bugs, Centipedes, and Wasps Oh, My! The seasons are changing. As cooler temperatures settle in you may notice seasonal changes around your home. Pests notice as well. Once summer crops are come down, fall pests will begin seeking new homes. This time of year it is very common for fall pests to invade residential […]

6 Key Tips to Holiday Pest Proofing

How can a year feel so long and also go by so quickly? One thing that always helps pick up the spirit is holiday decorations. But before you drag in your holiday decorations make sure you know the 6 tips of holiday pest-proofing. Stored away and left undisrupted, your decorations may have been home to […]

Keep Pantry Pests Out!

How to Keep Pantry Pests Out The changing of the season is always a perfect time to do some thorough house cleaning. Take inventory of what items in your home are no longer of use and what needs to be replaced or repaired. From holes in window screens to large cracks under doorways, it can […]