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9 Tips to Keep Rodents Out

9 Tips to Keep Rodents Out As Fall Pushes Pests Indoors The National Pest Management Association has declared October 18th-24th Rodent Awareness week. So, this means we will be unloading all types of facts, tips, memes and more on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Get your home ready for fall pests with help from Franklin. This July, […]

Fall 2020 Pest Gazette

In this Issue of the Fall 2020 Pest Gazette In this issue of the Fall 2020 Pest Gazette, you’ll learn all about some pests that are not DIY pests. There’s also some great info about pantry pests called Indian Meal Moths, just in time for holiday baking. Raccoon habits and nuisance wildlife are covered. And […]

5 Tips to Get Rid of Fall Pests

Get Rid of Fall Pests The season is changing and new pests are emerging. Get a head start on winter invaders by pest-proofing your home this fall. Don’t let overwintering pests take over your home! Franklin Pest Solutions teaches you the top 5 steps to keep fall pests out. Read on to learn about common […]

Spring Pest Gazette 2020

Brought to you by Franklin Pest Solutions   Don’t Invite these Carpenters into Your Home: Carpenter Ants Flowers are springing from the ground and ants have started trailing around your home- spring has arrived! Ants currently hold the prized #1 position as far as top nuisance spring pests go in the United States. Thus, it […]

Winter Pest Control Tips 2020

Franklin Pest Solutions has been your local expert in all things pest related since 1929. We believe that education is the first and best defense against any pest problem. Each season we put together some of the best info and tips to share with you for free. Check out some of the best winter pest […]

6 Key Tips to Holiday Pest Proofing

Decking the halls for seasonal festivities? Your decorations may have been home to critters in less-traveled storage spaces over the last several months. As you pull down boxes of ornaments from the attic or dig out bins of wrapping paper from the basement, be on the look out for signs of mice, spiders, and other […]