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Winter Pest Control Tips 2020

Franklin Pest Solutions has been your local expert in all things pest related since 1929. We believe that education is the first and best defense against any pest problem. Each season we put together some of the best info and tips to share with you for free. Check out some of the best winter pest […]

5 Ways to Keep Pantry Pests Out

As baking season approaches you may find yourself reaching to the back of your cabinet for something that hasn’t been used since last year. As you dust off containers and search for an expiration date be sure to sift through ingredients as well. Fall weather sends pests indoors and what better place to hide then […]

12 Common Fall Pests and How to Prevent Them

As temperatures drop, you may notice some common fall pests stirring in your home. These pests are known in the pest industry as occasional invaders; seasonal pests that tend to appear depending on the environment. As unsettling as the sight of an intruding pest can be, seeing one insect doesn’t signify a full blown infestation. […]

Winter Pests Are Here

End of the Holidays As you begin to pack up decorations around your home, Franklin Pest Solutions lends some seasonal tips for pest-proofing. As you entertain guests this season, be sure that your home is protected from unwanted pests. Keep Seasonal Pests at Bay Hopefully you survived the holiday without infesting your home with natural […]