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Brown Bugs

Brown Bugs, Centipedes, and Wasps Oh, My! The seasons are changing. As cooler temperatures settle in you may notice seasonal changes around your home. Pests notice as well. Once summer crops are come down, fall pests will begin seeking new homes. This time of year it is very common for fall pests to invade residential […]

Enjoy the Season without Summer Bugs

Ward Off Summer Bugs Knowledge is power. And by giving you the facts you need to identify and ward off summer bugs, we’ll help you get back to enjoying your home without buzzing and swatting. Pest proofing starts with a walk around your property. Paying special attention to the foundation, roof fascia, and soffit will […]

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos Mosquitos SUCK! Literally, figuratively, in every way possible. FACT: Mosquitos are the most deadly animal in the world! As annoying as the bloodsucking buggers are, they are still an important part of our eco system. Even though their predators (Centipedes, spiders, bats) are not the most favorable, if mosquitos […]