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Bed Bug Infestations Come With Uptick in Travel

It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week! From June 6-12 we will be sharing facts and resources about everything you need to know about bed bug infestations. Restrictions are lifting. Flights and hotels are booking up. Summer is almost here. You are FINALLY getting out of the house you’ve been cooped up in for month after month […]

Post-Quarantine Vacation Bed Bug Prevention

Post-Quarantine Vacation Plans? Many states are beginning to lift stay-at-home restrictions just in time for the summer travel season, and Americans across the country are getting ready to embark on their highly anticipated vacations. As excitement around the prospect of traveling again grows, it’s easy to forget one tiny, but trip-altering threat – bed bugs. While these elusive pests are found just about everywhere, they are especially common in hotel rooms, making the start […]

Bed Bug FAQ

Bed Bug FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week, as declared by our National Pest Management Association. There’s no better time than now to brush up on what you know and thought you knew about bed bugs. We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked bed bug questions (bed bug FAQ) we […]

End Your Summer Without Bed Bugs

Using tools like before booking a trip can help ensure you’re not bringing bed bugs home. Franklin Pest Solutions has some other helpful tips to make sure you’re protected from unwanted pests no matter where you’re going and how you get there.

Bed Bugs, the Souvenir You Can’t Return

Summer is right around the corner, your vacation days have been adding up, and it’s time to explore. As you make your get-away plans and pack your bags, there are a few extra items you should bring along to make sure no matter where you stay, you are protected from one of the hardest pests […]